Friday, April 06, 2012

Beeb Beeb!!!

as you guys have seen i put in a 71 standard modal steering wheel and upgraded to a collapsible steering column... but i dont like the brush style horn button contact... so i wired the horn like a normal 65 bug buy removing the rubber piece in the column and ran the wire through it... the horn repair kit had to be modified a little cos the horn button is from a type 2...

i cut this piece to make it shorter so it can fit with the type 2 horn contact piece

the order of assembly 

tightened it fully then loosed it about 3/4th of a turn... 

took a piece of wire from a broken hedge trimmer..

ran the wire tru... but the horn worked intermittently. i then later found a washer with a spade connector from a car wiring shop which worked fine... no photos thought...


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