Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wiring Harness

Its here!! Its Here!!!... i ordered the Wiring Harness for my 65 beetle online at on the 12th of March and it arrived last Monday. Picked it up at the FedEx HQ in Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park. Had to pay quite a bit of tax for it too... but hey it was all good. Its the complete wiring loom which is colour coded with the original colour description as shown in the image below.... If you need more wiring diagrams for all models and makes of classic VWs, go to The Samba dot com.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How to keep your Volkswagen Alive!!

This book is essential for your guidance in vw beetle up keeping. The Author explains everything in layman terms so as to not confuse the average reader. Thats why the rest of the title reads 'A manual of step by step procedures for the compleat (spelt that way) idiot!'. This book is absolutely great.....

Thursday, March 01, 2007

2005 Body Shop

I struck the deal in January 05 but the shop could only start on the car after chinese new year in March 05. I only got the car back at the end of Jun 05. The work done on the car were; new floors, new heater channels, bottom part of the doors reworked and about 6 inches of the side lower part of the car replaced with new metal. Body rubber seals and Body to Chasis rubbers were replaced too. The following pictures were taken before completion.

(The car at the shop) (New metal all around the side lower part of the car)

(All four door hinges were worked on and bolts replaced),

(Checkout the new floor) (the battery area was not completed when i took this piture)

(You can see the new heater channels in black) (Some work done in the front headpan area)

(The spare wheel well done) (I had broken a few fender bolts and tread area which was replaced)

(The secret compartment still being worked on)(The front apron)

I pretty much did not do anything after that because i had planned to get married in 2006. I had also moved out of the house and was renting a room. I also was saving to go for the U2 concert in Melbourne. This forced me to put the beetle project on hold... ...

by Jun of 2006 i moved into my own house (renting), got married in August 2006 and I went to Melbourne for the u2 concert in November 2006. To me 2006 went by really fast. Bam!! its 2007... the car has been resting under a shed in my uncle's place in Klang since i moved to my house last Jun06. I would like to get the car sand blasted next and then prep it for paint. fingers crossed....

to be continued........