Monday, January 12, 2009

Dismantling a 1971 vw 1200cc Engine Part 3

So very sorry for not updating this blog for some time...... well... a number of things have been done on the bug since April 2008...... for instants more things have come off the engine like the pressure plate and clutch plate. Im now stuck with the Gland Nut which is holding the Flywheel.... Dang!!!....
Pressure Plate came off by loosening each nut one by one. Before that i marked a line on it on the flywheel to line it up later 'if' it goes back onto the engine.
hmmm doesnt look too bad.... we will see/...
The flywheel still held together by the 36mm gland nut which you see in the middle of the pic above.
I will need to get a cheater pipe which is about 4 feet long to use with my wrench and a angled bar thingy to brace the flywheel from moving. Months and months go by with me not doing anything about it until about a few days before Christmas when i finally bought it. Now i need to call upon all my might to get my ass of this sofa and start on it!!!
ANyway while all that was going on (which was nothing much) i had moved my car from KLANG to a welder in Subang Industrial Park for some metal work. The main things done were welding in the seat railings, fixing that hole which is the radio void and delete plate and coat the chasis with underseal.
After that i brought it back to my hse where it sat under the porch for a few months....
I will blog about all that later........ I promise... :P