Wednesday, January 31, 2007


My love for vw beetles goes back all the way to ‘diaper hood’. There are two kinds of kids… the one that gets scared and cries their lungs out … and then there is the one that smiles and was always in a good mood when they where confronted with a vw air cooled beetle. No points for guessing which kid I was.

I would look all starry-eyed when I hear a beetle pass by. In fact I still do …till this day… I would tilt my head as soon as I heard the distinct sound of an air cooled beetle engine... just to see what make/model it was.

Yes, I can tell the difference of each model year starting from 1930s right up to 1970s …not to mention the Mexican beetles which ended its run at the end of 2003. Did you know that that was the 21,529,464th beetle.. Yup! The vw beetle has been around for many many years…

I would like to chronicle the restoration of my 1965 beetle… it has been a really slow work in progress and maybe by blogging about it… it would inspire me to work harder and faster in getting the bug not only back on the road but also improving it along the way till it becomes a show winner….. ok maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself….

And so it begins…….